My Mindfulness Journal – Islamic journal for kids

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Nun. By the pen and what they inscribe (Quran, 68:1)

My Mindfulness Journal is the first Islamic Mindfulness journal for kids! Designed with thought and passion, it’s intention is to give every child (or adult!) a tool to turn to, to express themselves and promote positive mental wellbeing. In the digital age, where children are now swiping and pressing with their fingers… give them a break and go back to the old pen to paper which the benefits on so many levels!

Themes throughout journal include: Reflect & Ponder, Kindness, Growth Mindset, Calm & Relax, Gratitude, Feelings & Emotions, Coping with Setbacks, Mindfulness, Self-confidence, Compassion and Being Supportive.

Each monthly theme matches with weekly goals, affirmations, related quotes, weather chart, feelings explorer, Salah chart, Activity sections, emotion Quranic animals, explanation pages and 12 Prophetic stories

Our journal is a unique A5 size, PU Leather with flap, gold foiled and debossed and a total of more than 300 inner pages. The journal comes with 8 sticker sheets of Quranic emotion animals, star stamp (your shell colour choice) and self-adhesive dua flaps for mini muslims to write their special duas in and stick in their journals!

The journals are undated, hence can start at any preffered time of the year! Makes a great gift too!

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