Mindful Breathing Boards Digital Download

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This visual tool resource teaches 8 different fun and effective mindful breathing techniques, reinforced with (adorable) illustrations that provide detailed visual support for all mini mindfuls. Plus 2 posters. Perfect to implement a healthy routine for your Classroom, Homeschool and Take a Break or Calm Corner space at home.  It hardly takes much time, is a quiet activity, can work wonders with transitions, and helps to shift chaos energy into peaceful energy.


When we pay attention to our breathing, and “breathe on purpose,” the oxygen that we take in literally sends a message to the brain that everything is okay.  In other words, mindful breathing helps us to move out of a reactive state into a receptive state, which also means we are more ready to be present, learn, collaborate, and make better decisions in whatever context we find ourselves in.

Mindful breathing helps us to feel calmer, more focused, and better able to make thoughtful decisions about what to do next. Mindful breathing also improves self-control, problem-solving skills, self-awareness, attention, memory, and even sleep (which we know is critical for child development and learning).

How many times have we told young people, “Just take a deep breath” without really showing them different ways they can do this? This resource is a concrete guide to do such!


You will receive PDF in printable format (the colours are minimal for efficient printing):

✔ 8 Breathing Exercises boards with bismillah and start visual guidance

✔ ‘Mindful Breathing Superpower’ poster (A5 size)

✔ ‘Mindful Breathing will help me by’ poster (A5 size)

Recommended to print on hard card paper and laminating for long last use.



All artwork is created and copyrighted by Mini Mindful Muslims. This is for personal use only. Not to be shared, sold or distributed. Not for commercial use. Not for sale.


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