Mindfulness Resources for Muslim Kids Worldwide 

The first kind of Islamic mindfulness activity deck for your mini muslims and muslimahs!

What is Mini Mindful Muslims?

Mini Mindful Muslims is a first new and exciting way to introduce mindfulness activities to your mini muslims and muslimahs, while spending quality time together.

To put it simply, mindfulness means ‘being in the moment’ to what is going on around you and inside you right at this instance. Acknowledging with kindness and patience your feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations (Burke, 2010; Weare, 2013).

In this modern life, where everything is face-paced, time pressured and technology-fied, our minds are constantly stimulated by sound, distraction and information overload. It’s time we start slowing down and noticing what is around us to getting the most out of our relationship with God.

This deck is an inclusive tool for nurturing Islamic practises through relaxation techniques, positivity and calmness through mindfulness.

It's for kids of all ages - primary school aged kids may find them particularly fun! (Adults can join in the fun too!)

"Spiritual excellence is the essence of faith, its spirit, and its perfection by perfecting presence (al-hudur) with Allah Almighty, and mindfulness of Him (muraqabatihi), encompassing fear of Him, love of Him, knowledge of Him, turning to Him, and sincerity to Him"

Sheikh Al-Tuwayjiri Mawsū’at Fiqh Al-Qulūb, 1:785.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: Should I not suggest to you that by which Allah obliterates the sins and elevates the ranks (of a man). They (the hearers) said: Yes, Messenger of Allah. He said: Performing the ablution thoroughly despite odds, tranverside of more paces towards the mosque, and waiting for the next prayer after observing a prayer, and that is mindfulness.

Sahih Muslim Hadith

  • Calming, resting, relaxing
  • Improved focus and attention
  • Better understanding of emotions
  • Check Circle
    Awareness of God & gratitude
  • Check Circle
    Positivity and Kindness

What's in the pack?

Beautifully illustrated double sided pack of 25 cards 

- Information Booklet with information and references

- Colour coded 3 sections 

CALM rest & relax  

FOCUS & awareness

POSITIVITY & kindness

 Clear easy to follow instructions to guide you through each practise which come with all its brilliant benefits for the whole family! 

Colourful Illustrations!

These beautiful illustrations are sure to be attention grabbing and kids friendly

Easy to follow instructions!

All instructions come written at the back of the card. Also with reflective questions at the end of the exercises! 

Diverse cute characters!

Four uniquely illustrated characters of different genders and identities to make it easier for your child to relate to.

Makes a great gift!

For yourself, your kids, your grand children, your friends, your neighbours... this pack is sure to please anyone!

Come and join us in our mindful adventure!

What do other families think?

These cards are beautifully designed and so simple to follow as you can easily seperate the different categories nicely. I already knew about the benefits of mindfulness,  and by using these cards, it was a fun way to introduce to my students. I work with primary aged children and it worked brilliantly with students with challenging behaviours and special needs (especially to diffuse and de-escale a situation)! 

I use these with my own children and grand children too when they visit, it brings the family together in a calmful and joyous way!

Amina Bibi

Educator, Mother 

Working with children it can sometimes get frustrating when a child isn't able to connect with their inner self or to Allah. When I came across these fantastic mindfulness cards I gave them a go. Having mindfulness exercises built around Ibadah (worship), gratefulness and other Islamic concepts has made a massive difference in helping children increase their awareness of Allah and themselves allowing them to focus their energy in order to perform better in an academic perspective but also giving them an enjoyment of their faith. 


Teacher, Father

We've made sure...

Edited and approved by Justin Parrott (Yaqeen Institute)

To avoid any misconceptions regarding mindfulness, misleading statements or bi'dah, we have done our homework and made sure all contents provided does not go against Islamic teachings.

Justin Parrott (Abu Amina Elias) has a BA in Physics and English from Otterbein University, MLIS from Kent State University, and MRes in Islamic Studies from the University of Wales. Justin is currently Research Librarian for Middle East Studies at New York University in Abu Dhabi and Research Fellow for the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. He has also written a research paper on Mindfulness & Islam

Parrott, J (2017) Mindfulness in the Life of a Muslim. Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research.

Categories are within the Sunnah

Our activities are all Islamic friendly. We have activities that can be done indoors or outdoors and focus on the five senses and more.

Fun Family Time

Activities take as little or as much time as you like and fit into parents’ busy schedules. Bring the whole family together with mindfulness! Use activities to turn potential tantrum triggers – like bedtime – into magic moments together.

Affordable Digital or Print Versions

We've made sure our prices are affordable for all family types as we want to reach all children worldwide with the benefits of practising mindfulness.

Fun for any age

Activities are suitable for kids of all ages (even big kids like you)! 

Fabulous resource for parents, educators and coaches

Whether your a parent, teacher or work with children in your practise, we are sure our cards will come useful for calming and diffusing situations.

Mindfulness & Islam

Mindfulness and Islam are closely linked. There is the state of ‘muraqabah’ meaning to ‘watch, observe, regard attentively’. A Muslim in this state is in continuous full knowledge  that Allah (God) is aware of  him/her inwardly and outwardly.  The fulfilment of worshipping Allah according to a proper understanding of his beautiful names that convey his perfect knowledge.

“Remember that God knows what is in your souls, so be mindful of Him” (2:235)